TERMS & CONDITIONS (Applies Only to Ultra Clear Kit)


Karamel Beauty products are made from quality ingredients that are tested and proven for its safety and effectiveness. Seeing results is a natural desire to have when using skincare products. However seeing results is a process and we will never promise you that you will see results overnight, because that is simply not true

Some people see results in 2 weeks, for others it might take up to 1 month or more but we are very confident you will see improvements in your skin if you use the products correctly and consistently for a least 60 days.

In the very unlikely scenario that you do not see improvements, here are the steps to follow to validate and claim your money back for the Ultra Clear Kit you purchased.

Step 1:

  • Always take a before picture/ video of your face showing clearly your skin condition with a time stamp and date on it before you start using the products so that you can have something to compare your progress to.
  • Please be sure to email your before pictures and videos to contact@karamelbeauty.com with the Subject line " 60DAYS and your order no" within 3 days of receiving your products - without this, your money back claim will be invalid.

Step 2:

  • Please follow our step by step guide on how to use the products by clicking here
  • Follow the "how to use" process for a minimum of 60 days.
  • Remember to also incorporate a holistic approach by drinking more water, moving your body, applying and re-applying sunscreen( SPF 30 or above, Non-negotiable) reduce sugar intake and make healthier food choices. 

Step 3:

  •  After 60 days of using our products, if you don't see any improvements in your skin then take another picture and video under the same lighting and conditions as the first with a time stamp, email it to contact@karamelbeauty.com with subject line " 60 Days Money Back and your order no" 

We will contact you within 2-3 business days to start your Money Back Claim 

"Because we are a 100% Results Driven Brand we believe you will see beautiful improvements to your skin, please share your progress with us even before 60 days to contact@karamelbeauty.com"